D/deaf Like Me

Red Earth Research with Deaf Audiences

I feel quite emotional to be honest. I feel like, there’s someone there [on stage] who’s Deaf like me, and I’m completely in to it, I felt really emotional, it’s just how I felt. I felt that that’s me there. It was really true, it was really emotional. We need more like this, travelling through the country for Deaf people and to have Deaf culture on stage. Things really need improving for Deaf people.

1 Integrated play – Mirror Mirror – in Sign Language and English

2 Performers – 1 Deaf actor + 1 hearing, signing actor

6 Deaf Clubs, 6 Cities – Derby, Nottingham, Leicester, Doncaster, Sheffield, Birmingham

8 Focus Groups – Deaf and hearing volunteers

100 Deaf and hearing children young people and adults telling us what they think about theatre

5 to 71 years old – Age span of respondents

Red Earth has been asking Deaf audiences what they think about access to theatre generally and the company’s sign integrated theatre. D/deaf Like Me is the report compiled from this work by Adam Wilmington, a post-graduate research Student from the University of Nottingham.

The full report was made possible by support from the Arts and Humanities Research Council (AHRC) and the University of Nottingham via the Midlands3Cities Doctoral Training Partnership Student Development Fund.

We talked to 8 focus groups  in Deaf Clubs and schools in Derby, Nottingham, Leicester, Doncaster, Sheffield and Birmingham.  100 D/deaf and hearing adults, children and young people told us what their experiences were of accessing theatre.

To find out the results of the research, download the Full report now:

D/deaf Like Me (Full Report)

Want a quick look? Here’s the summary version of the report:

D/deaf Like Me – Short Version


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