Who’s Who Competition

Name the 7 Little Men

Who’s Who Competition

The leader of the dwarfs in Mirror Mirror is called Eric but can you guess the others? Their names are:

A. Eric

B. Colin

C. Dave

D. Rab

E. Eddie

F. Mick

G. Rodney

But who is who?

Match the right name to the pictures of the 7 men (Numbered 1 – 7) and the highest number of correct guesses wins a signed photo of the dwarfs and 2 tickets to our next show, Soonchild.

Simply match the number connected to each photo to the letter next to their name. For example:

1=A; 2=?; 3=?; etc…

Email your answers to: admin@redearththeatre.com

Make sure to tell us your name too, so that if you win we can contact you.

Also, we’d love to know where you saw the show and what you thought of it.

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