Once in a Blue Moon

Touring Mirror Mirror to small scale venues

We made Mirror Mirror in the month where there were 2 full moons. It only happens once a year, like our theatre tours.

The full moons were both large and beautiful. Mirror Mirror is  a slightly smaller, but no less beautiful, thing. A fully integrated show – in BSL and English, with captions – for family audiences AND a brilliant cross-generational show. People love it from nursery school children, to parents of very lively boys, to grandparents with deaf children.

The full moon is disappearing very quickly – the image above is less than a week after the ‘blue’ moon and you can only see half of her. It’s still blazing in the morning sky but will not be with us for long. Mirror Mirror is still shining, In the next 3 weeks Clare-Louise English and Naomi Gray will enchant audiences in Derby, Birmingham, Poole, Ipswich, Didcot, Cambridge, Nottingham and Halifax.

But the trail Mirror Mirror is blazing won’t last long. So if you don’t watch out you will have missed a delightfully comic, slightly irreverent, highly creative take on Snow White, one of our classic fairy tales. Don’t let it pass you by in the night. If you can, see it, please.

Mirror Mirror tour schedule

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