Threaded to Collaborate with Red Earth

Talented Folk Fusion Band Composes Music for Soonchild

The World Songs

Our next show – Soonchild,¬†an adaptation of the book by cult fiction writer Russell Hoban, is an tale of a reluctant hero’s search for the lost World Songs – songs that entice all children in to the world. Soonchild, refuses to be born. Her father, Sixteen Face John, a failing shaman who lives in the far North, has to conquer his fears and shape up as a shaman to embark on an epic journey to find and bring the World Songs to his daughter before it’s too late.

Photo by Isa Korsak

Congratulations to Threaded

Derby-based folk fusion band Threaded have been successful in getting funding from Arts Council England to compose the music for Soonchild,

Red Earth has always loved music and see it as an essential part of every show. The great excitement about this collaboration is that Threaded, described by FATEA as ‘atmospheric heaven’ and by Bright Young Folk as ‘super talented’, will be joining our creative team. Over the next 12 months, as well as touring their own music, Jamie, Rosie and Ning Ning, will be working with us to compose songs and music for Soonchild.

Research – Access to Music

Part of our work together will be to research and test out how the songs and music for the show can be made more accessible to D/deaf and hard of hearing audiences. We’ll test out some of the songs and incidental music with D/deaf and hearing children in the East Midlands in the summer term 2018. Once we’ve got their feedback, Threaded will continue composing.

Threaded – Touring

Threaded have regular gigs across the country. Check these out on their website – Threaded Music. They also have two wonderful albums of their own original music. These can be downloaded from their website:

Fair Winds and Following Seas

Of What We Spoke.

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