Some Like it Hot

But we're seeking an Arctic breeze

This week the Red Earth team have been at the University of Nottingham with our partners from the Mixed Reality Lab, English (Drama and Performance) and Languages departments. We’ve been playing with creative captions on the newly made (and still to be completed) set for Soonchild, designed by Laura McEwen and built by Tim Brierley.

As temperatures sky-rocketed outside, inside the University’s cool, new Performance Studio, we were looking at how creative captions for Soonchild will enhance an icy, northern landscape. This week was the first time that we got to play with the set and see it in action. We are getting a real glimpse into how the show is going to look –  it’s going to be beautiful.

It was also the first time for some of the cast to meet each  other and the musicians of talented Threaded, who have composed the songs and music for the show.

In between all this activity, film makers from the University –  Alex Melville and Anthony Esteban – captured our actors, Matilda Bott and Craig Painting on screen, explaining how Red Earth’s creative captions will work within our shows.

This week has been made possible with funding from AHRC. It’s brought expert digital researchers, theatre and lighting designers, producers, puppeteers, directors, actors and musicians together.

The whole week has been a vital stage in the development of Soonchild. Together we’re creating the III Programme, an affordable, easy way for EVERY venue to provide accessible and creative captioning in the future.  It’s so important for Red Earth, a company committed to improving access for audiences, to be part of  the team making this ground-breaking system.

Huge thanks to Professor Jo Robinson for managing and facilitating this amazing event.

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