Festive Fables

Making Stories together

Red Earth Theatre and Threaded Collective

During Covid-19 the freelance artists Red Earth works with have been severely restricted in what they can create and where. Undaunted, Red Earth and Threaded Collective got together to try and find a safe way to make and tell stories for you.

We came up with The Story Bench project.

What’s the concept? Stories told with music and song, around a bench, held together by a main frame story.

We’ve got two versions so far.

Spring and Summer – Stories of Bravery and Courage

based around the story of the famous Scheherazade who literally saved her own and many other people’s lives by telling stories.

Winter – Festive Fables

based around the story of The Little Match Girl, cold and alone on the streets of Victorian London,

who finds solace in stories her Grandmother told her when she was alive.

Heart-warming, sad, shivery and funny stories, woven around this famous tale.

Here’s Threaded Collective to show you more:

Both these projects are available for booking in Spring/Summer 2021 and Winter 2021.

For more information contact: admin@redearththeatre.com

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