Photograph by Robert Day
  • Made for D/deaf participants
  • Created by D/deaf artistsIn
  • Sign Language with Captions

Calm and Creative for D/deaf Families

Red Earth Theatre is on virtual tour and we’re coming to your place now. 

What is Calm and Creative for D/deaf Families? 

We’re working with D/deaf artists to create D/deaf accessible online creative sessions.

Who are the artists and what are they creating?

Rebecca-Anne Withey – Mindfulness for D/deaf and hearing families: Rebecca is a choreographer and dancer, sign song performer, Relaxation Therapist and Mindfulness practitioner. Red Earth has asked her to run 6 sessions on Mindfulness for D/deaf families during April and May. in BSL with captions and voice over.

Jean St Clair – Stories for D/deaf Families: Jean is an actor, director, screen writer and BSL Consultant for TV, theatre and film. Red Earth has commissioned her to create and perform stories for the family in BSL with captions.

Caroline Parker (MBE) – Sign Song: Caro is an actor, comedienne, sign song expert and arts facilitator. Red Earth have asked her to share some of her tips on sign song in 3 practical sessions. Sign Language integrated with captions.

Other Activities with Captions

Other Calm and Creative activities are available on YouTube with captions. Activities about theatre making include:

Theatre Design, Lighting Design, Sound Design, Playmaking, Puppet Making, Music and Song Writing for Theatre and Mindfulness and Creativity

See our Calm and Creative Show Page for more information.

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Links to Activities:

Mindfulness Session 1 – 3 Minute Breathing Space Rebecca Anne Withey (15 April 2020)

Mindfulness Session 2 – Thought Awareness Rebecca Anne Withey (23 April 2020)

The Robbery – by Jean St Clair (29 April 2020)

Story 2 – by Jean St Clair (May 2020)

Sign Song Session 1 – Caroline Parker (April 2020)

Sign Song Session 2 – Caroline Parker (May 2020)

Sign Song Session 3 – Caroline Parker (May 2020)