The Red Tree

adapted from the book by Shaun Tan

The Red Tree

based on the multi-award winning book by Shaun Tan

For children aged 7+, families and schools

(Target age group for schools: Transition – primary 5+6 – secondary 7+8)

Performed Live : Streamed Live –  21 – 24 September

An inspiring play for tumultuous times

A young girl feels confused and adrift in a world she doesn’t understand. As she journeys
through strange and familiar landscapes, wonderful things are passing her by and she thinks
she has nothing to look forward to. But like a sunburst, the power of imagination breaks
through and the girl discovers a world of beauty, hope and endless possibility.

Sometimes it’s hard to put feelings into words

The Red Tree is a gentle, sensitive and uplifting play about feelings and how to deal with
them. However hard things may seem, hope is waiting to meet you, just as you always
imagined it would be.

A play that goes straight to the heart

Immersive, Accessible and Inclusive: Live Streamed to schools or at home

This stand out production of masterly storytelling by Red Earth Theatre explodes their
unique blend of immersive imagery and words, live music, creative captions, and integrated
sign language. All access embedded within a live production made for broadcast.

The Red Tree is a quiet point of calm and wonder in a world turned upside down

Staying Resilient in Uncertain Times – Education Resources and Workshops

Free education resource pack and pre-recorded workshops on staying resilient, supporting
mental health and wellbeing via a blend of mindfulness for young people with creativity and
arts activities.

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* Your venue books performances you would like to stream for a negotiated fee
* Red Earth provides a comprehensive, accessible, online marketing and comms package
* Your venue sells tickets (schools/households) for the shows through your box office
* We send you a unique broadcast link for each booked performance that you email to ticket
holders with log on details and FAQs to support any technical concerns
* The show you have booked is broadcast live from our partner venue
* Pre- and Post-show Education Resources are made available to ticket holders

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Actor/Musician Jamie Rutherford

Actor/Musician Rosie Bott

Actor/Puppeteer TBC

Actor/Puppeteer TBC


Creative & Production Team

Directed by Wendy Rouse and Amanda Wilde

Designed by Laura McEwen

Lighting Design by Alexandra Stafford

Music composed by Rosie Bott and Jamie Rutherford

Producer – Alexandra Stafford

Technical Management (Live-streaming & Covid Compliance) David Phillips


Tour Dates

Performed Live : Streamed Live - September 2021


Tue 21 September

10.00 a.m. + 1.30 p.m.

Wed 22 September

10.00 a.m. + 1.30 p.m.

Thu 23 September

10.00 a.m. + 1.30 p.m.

Fri 24 September

5.30 p.m.

Streamed Performances:

Autumn 2021

Details to follow